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No longer worry about your lost virginity. With our artificial hymen, you are able to have the night you lost your virginity back anytime. The easy to use artificial hymen is clinically proven non-toxic, has no side effects, and causes no pain or allergic reactions.

Within minutes you can restore your virginity and be a virgin again on your wedding night, anniversary, or any other occasion you would like! Artificialhymens.com will deliver your order faster and more discreetly, to any location in the world, than any other online shop.And we will ship it for FREE! Once we receive your payment, we will ship your order within 24 business hours.

The artificial hymen was first developed in Japan in 1993
for women who wished to hide that they were no longer
a virgin, from their partner. Artificial hymens are made
from cellulose and a water soluble dye made to simulate the hymen.

Artificial hymens are for women who want to hide the fact that they
were born without a hymen, broke their hymen during vigorous exercise,
engaged in premarital sex and now fears how their future husband will react if he finds
out she is not a virgin. The artificial hyman is an affordable and convenient
product for maintaining the illusion of virginity.

Once the artificial hymen is inserted carefully into the vagina, it will expand
a bit and make the vagina feel tighter. When you begin sexual intercourse
and your lover penetrates you, the artificial hymen will begin to ooze out
a red liquid that looks like blood, not too much, but just the right amount.
This will simulate the defloration of a virgin and stain the bed sheets with
a few drops of artificial blood. By adding in a a few moans and groans, you
will undetectably recreate the loss of your virginity.
Wash both hands thoroughly with soap before usage of the artificial hymen
Open the aluminum packaged artificial virginity hymen and completely unfold it. Then carefully place
it securely inside the vagina using your index finger and middle finger if necessary.
If the vagina is dry, slightly wetten the artificial hymen with water and then immediately
insert it into the vagina as quickly as possible using the directions outlined previously.
Insert the artificial hymen into the vagina 5-10 minutes before intercourse.
If the artificial hymen is inserted into the vagina more than 20 minutes before penetration,
this could cause the product to lose its form and dissolve inside the vagina.
Detailed instructions on how to use the artificial hymen kit will be immediately and discreetly provided to the customer after purchase.
We ship all artificial hymens in multiples of 2 to enable our customers to practice with our product before they use it.

All packages are air-mailed from the United States and arrive within 3-4 days of purchase in the US, and 7-14 days of purchase internationally. Due to the variety of standard shipping times internationally the actual arrival time of your parcel may vary slightly, it all depends upon the local customs bureau and post office. All packages are discreetly dispatched
from the USA via airmail with tracking information.

All artificial hymens are discreetly packaged in plain envelopes or boxes with a printed and professional shipping label addressed from a generic business name, "Limited Commerce". For our customers' safety, we do not ship any of our artificial hymens with their product labels or in their original outer packaging. (All products remain hygienically sealed)
Also for our customers safety, we label the contents of international shipments as "make up" on the customs declaration form.
Artificialhymens.com adheres to a very strict set of privacy guidelines and policies. We will never share your information with anyone period. We will never attempt to contact you with offers to purchase a new product or service. your personal information will always be handled by our company in a discreet and careful manner that is 100% geared towards protecting the privacy of our customers. To read more about how we protect your information, please read our privacy policy.
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Artificialhymens.com is the number 1 seller of artificial hymens on the internet. We ship hundreds of packages weekly all over the world discreetly (including the Middle East, Africa, & South Asia) and successfully, while genuinely caring about our customers well being. To us, this is not just a business, but an organization helping to provide for the welfare and safety of women. We make sure to keep all of our customers personal information private, never sharing it with others, and always adhering to our strict confidentiality practices in order to protect our customers. We take great care in discreetly packaging our product for our customers, while ensuring that they know how to use the product they purchased by making available to them an electronic copy of the product's instructions that has been expanded by us to include more details and tips on usage. We hope to serve you in your efforts to regain your virginity, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on our excellent and friendly customer service.
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